Thursday, July 29, 2010

My brother is on the TV.

I was in Mama Tok's house this evening and the television was on. Suddenly, this RTM channel we were watching shows this one reporter visiting the UK. Turned out that RTM did a profile show on the PAL Shipping, a shipping company operated by the Malaysians in the UK. My brother, Awa works as a operation manager there and soon enough his face appears on the screen as he explains to the audience the operation side of the business. They got his name wrong though, Anua instead of Annuar.


jimmy said...

Waaa...awa kluar kat TV...rancangan apa Abe?

Ahmed Razman said...

kalau tak silap At-Tijarah, RTM 1. Semalam program dia dari kul 6.30pm hingga 7.00pm.

blog said...

Nice post...menarik sekali untuk dibaca ^_^

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