Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bukit Merah LakeTown Resort

When we decided to go to Taiping over the weekend, we thought it would be easy to book a hotel room in Taiping. Much to our surprise, most of the hotels were already booked and we were fortunate that Tok Ayah has a friend who can help us with finding a room. Instead of staying in Taiping, we were given a room at Bukit Merah LakeTown Resort, about 20 minutes drive away. The hotel room is spacious with plenty of beds and the resort itself is ideal for the family. Ilyas and Maisarah took the opportunity to play with the water in the Waterpark and the next day we visited the animals at the EcoPark. Time was short so we didn't manage to visit the orangutans in their island. Maybe this will be the excuse for us to visit this place again in the future.

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