Sunday, July 04, 2010

Seksyen 8 Badminton Tournament

One of the main events during the Seksyen 8 Sports Carnival is the badminton tournament. I partnered with Nazrul to enter the men doubles tournament representing Orange team and we did well during the group matches where we won all of our 5 matches quite easily. The next round is a quarter final stage and we are facing a veteran doubles from Yellow team. This time whoever reach 30 points first (rally point system) will be advancing to the semi final. It was quite a competitive duel and we were fortunate to lead the points until we reached 29 points. At that time our opponents were trailing 4 points behind. We just needed one point to win the game but no matter how hard we tried that decisive point never came and in the end we lost the game 29-30. Of course I'm a bit disappointed but I have experienced this manner of defeat (and win) before so it's all in the game.

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