Sunday, April 04, 2010

Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix Formula One 2010: Race Day

It's a big day for us because we will be watching Formula One racing for the first time ever even though it's already a 10th edition for the Malaysian Grand Prix. Just before the race, I looked at the big screen and saw Jo's smiling face with her big Malaysian flag umbrella. We noticed that there was a cameraman taking a video of us when we were entering the gates but little did we know that the scene will be used right before the race. Now the whole world saw her smiling face, a very good advertisement for Malaysia!

When the cars started to race, it was the loudest moment in my life and I'm glad I put on my earplugs. After few laps, Julie invited us to watch the race from corporate suite which is located on the other side of the track. It is air-conditioned and has toilets and drinks facilities (it's free!). Plus it has several TV monitors which show the race as watched by those at home. So I can keep looking outside at the track watching the cars and at the same time checking the drivers' position from the TV. Julie said this corporate suite costs RM500,000 to rent and can accommodate 20 people. This is definitely a lifetime experience!

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