Saturday, April 03, 2010

Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix Formula One 2010: Qualifying Session

We received four tickets to watch F1 race courtesy of Julie and quite excited for Sunday to come. However, since we have never been to Sepang circuit before, we decided to go today to attend the qualifying session. I purchase the parking ticket sticker for both days and we discovered that our parking area is quite close to the Main Grandstand. The food and drinks are very pricey (we bought ice blended coffee and ice lemon tea and it costs us RM25!) so tomorrow we are going to bring our own. Those F1 racing cars are so loud, luckily we have purchased ear plugs beforehand. For the first time ever, the qualifying session had to be delayed for several minutes due to rain. Let's hope that it will all be sunny come tomorrow race.


Jimmy Hazimin Hashim said...

Tadi masa live kat Star Sport....nampak Jo kat SIC....dia pakai T-shirt putih Lotus kan?

Ahmed Razman said...

ahha... muka dia yg keluar tv walaupun masa tu dia berjalan ngan kitorang semua hehe