Sunday, April 25, 2010

Farewell Old Friend

On the way to Ipoh we stopped by at Taman Bukit Subang to meet Afida Sohana and her husband (along with her family). I first met her when we were together in Standard One back in 1983 (that was 27 years ago!). She just recently married and tomorrow she is going back to New Zealand working as a doctor there. Unfortunately her husband is unable to join her because as a geologist he has been posted to Uzbekistan by his employer, Petronas in two days time. We had lunch there and afterward we bid farewell to the newlyweds. I just hope that sooner or later they will be living and working together in one place.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the hope, abe! -syahrul (bijan)

DrASAS said...

3years later,still PJJ (perkahwinan jarak jauh)... miss you guys!