Friday, April 02, 2010

Munawarra School Test Results

Since last Monday Ilyas has been taking six tests in his religious school covering topics like Fiqah, Tauhid, Sirah, Akhlak, Bahasa Arab and Jawi. We do not expect him to get good marks since he need to answer the questions in jawi, and considering that he is still learning to speak Malay, it's quite a big task. Or so we thought. When he gave the test papers to me, I can see that he is doing quite well. He got 66 for Fiqah, 76 for Bahasa Arab, 76 for Tauhid, 82 for Sirah, 90 for Jawi and 96 for Akhlak. When I read the questions, I bet even older students will find it tough. Well done, Ilyas.

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