Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Happy Birthday Umi

Today on her birthday we managed to surprise Jo. First, Ilyas and Maisarah didn't say anything to their mother when we picked her up from the office. When we reached home, they quickly went inside the house and hiding behind the sofa. When Jo entered the house, they shouted 'Surprise!' and gave her their self made birthday cards. I quickly produced a tiramisu birthday cake from the fridge and we sang to her a birthday song. Maisarah pointed out that I didn't give her any birthday card. I said it is because I myself didn't receive any card from her on my birthday. After we had eaten our share of the cake, it's time to go upstairs and get ready to bed. Jo went first and she had a pleasant surprise when she switched on the light in our bedroom. She thought that I'd forgotten to give her a birthday card and her favourite lilies flowers. On top of that I gave her a little book on the virtue of being a mother. May Allah give you a blessed long life, my dear.


Muhammad Ridzuan said...

ko dapat hadiah tak?

Ahmed Razman said...

dapat hadiah sokmo...hehe

Anonymous said...

maybe i've said this before but just to remind you again that you mean the world to me.. xo