Sunday, September 19, 2010

Boys Night Out (or In?)

Tonight Manchester United will be entertaining Liverpool at the Old Trafford in the Premier League match. Since Raya mood is still on the air, I decided to invite my former high schoolmates for the dinner and at the same time watching the game in my mom-in-law's house. I planned the invitation so that those who supported Liverpool will never outnumbered those who supported the Red Devils. However some of them could not make it and by the time for kickoff I realised that the we have an even number of fans for each team with one I think is indifferent. I have a big smile when Man Utd were leading 2-0 but soon enough Steven Gerrard scored two goals which makes the match become really interesting and all of us remain fixed to the screen. When Berbatov scored the winning goal for Man Utd, it was more like a relief for me than anything else. And some of us will definitely be driving home alone that night.

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