Saturday, August 14, 2010

Breaking fast with the orphans

Today we are invited to attend a charity breaking fast event organised for Rumah Amal Peribadi Mulia, Prima Saujana Kajang at the Borak Coffee Shop, Prima Saujana. One of the organisers are the parents of Aisyah, Maisarah's schoolmate. While waiting for Maghrib, we were treated to Quran recital and religious talk by a prominent ustaz. After breaking our fast and performing Maghrib prayer, there were performances by the orphans in form of poem recital, nasyid and dance. TV3 personality, Azizah Ariffin hosted the event and towards the end they were holding a birthday celebration for a number of people including Aisyah. Maisarah is very happy because she got to play around with her schoolmate.

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