Sunday, May 17, 2009

Three visitors in a day

Yesterday we received visits from three families. Mukhriz and his family (including his parents from Malaysia) came to stop by our house on the way back to Lancaster after visiting Devon. Afterwards in the evening, my former schoolmate Anis and her family came to stay overnight before going back home at Dundee on Sunday morning. They just came back from Norwich but managed to stopped by at Birmingham to visit another schoolmate of ours. Our last visitors are also from Lancaster. Iqmal and his family spent a day sightseeing and shopping in the Liverpool shopping centre.

Ilyas and Maisarah truly enjoyed the evening because there are lots of children for them to play together with.


Anonymous said...

Wow ramainye visitors,

Boleh jadi part of celebration for MU winning the cup for 18th times....

Sapa masak?????

Tok wan

Jo said...

Jo masak.. (sedap!!..haha, puji sendiri)