Friday, May 29, 2009

Little Picnic at the Back Garden

Ilyas and Maisarah are having a school break at the moment and since the day is quite long (sunset at 9.30pm!) they can get easily bored. So today Umi prepared a table complete with the umbrella for them to have their own little picnic at our back garden. After eating the apples they amused themselves by playing with the snails.


pakteh said...

It looks like both Ilyas and Maisarah are enjoying their last summer at Liverpool. They can't even wait for Tok Ayah to arrive on the 2nd June. Tell them they are going to have little picnic everyday in Bangi soon where there would be 12 hours of daylight everyday in a month. Mama Tok is also having little picnic with her mother in Gok Yu, playing not with snails but chickens!

JuNe said...

Sara looks sgt comey with her long hair :D