Thursday, January 07, 2016

My MSc student passed his viva voce

I am so happy today that my MSc student, Liou Wei Hau, whom I always addressed as Ivan, passed his viva voce. His journey is quite a long one, more than 4 years in fact. He was my student when I was still in UPM and now his journey is towards the end. He still need to do some corrections but he already went through the most crucial stage of his academic life. I wish him success in the future.

He is my second student to pass the viva voce examination. My first one was Nazratul Aina. She did a PhD in Accounting. Right now I'm waiting another PhD student of mine to submit his final draft. Another PhD student already submitted her final draft for me to review. Hopefully I will receive two more good news in few months time.

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