Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A unique way of presenting a case study

This semester I teach Integrated Case Studies course to two different batches of students. The first batch consisted of the final year accounting students (full time) and we are currently on the 12th week of the semester, so I have seen countless presentation of the case studies performed by 11 small groups in the class. As for the second batch, the students are mature and working students who studied part time for this accounting degree. 

Today is the first presentation by the first group and I was immediately surprised when they decided to present the case in the form of mini documentary. This kind of presentation has never been done by my undergraduate students and this is just one fine example to illustrate how creative and resourceful the mature students can be. To tell the truth, the movie is quite hilarious especially the first part (where you can actually see the extras hanging around in the office when they are not supposed to be there) and the third part (where from out of nowhere a little girl seems desperately trying to give the handphone to the boss of the company). 

I am very tempted to give them full marks for their ingenuity but I have not seen the other groups presentations yet. I am definitely will be looking forward to the next week presentation by another group of mature students.

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