Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lat Kampung Boy the Musical

Tonight Jo and I are watching a musical theater titled "Lat Kampung Boy' which is based on the life of Malaysian most famous cartoonist, Datuk Mohamad Nor Khalid or better known as 'Lat', a short form of 'Bulat' which means round. Istana Budaya has been transformed into a huge drawing canvas and it feels like we are inside the drawings itself. Even the seating boxes inside the theater are not spared either, with famous characters created by Lat peering down towards the stage. 

The theater itself is not bad and I particularly like all the scenes involving Lat's father and Pak Samad. The stage arrangement is very innovative and some of the songs are quite catchy. The musical itself is quite lengthy, more than two hours I think. But we were treated with a nice surprise when Awie, the actor who plays Lat announced to the audience that the real Lat is among us and then invited him to come on stage. The full house audience gave him a standing ovation and I think Lat must be very proud of this masterpiece on him.

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