Saturday, January 29, 2011

ANSARA Taiping 3 - 6 Black Shirts FC

This is our third friendly match and I am still struggling to get a minimum 11 players for it. In the end we managed to get a last minute goalkeeper (he confirmed to play with us with one hour left before the match) and three friends of our players. I don't know whether it's due to match fatigue (this is our 5th consecutive weekends of matches) or playing with unfamiliar faces (the first eleven consisted of only 5 regulars) but we were beaten quite comprehensively in the first half with a score line of 1-5. With some dramas on and off the field, this match should be forgotten and dismissed quickly as a mere footnote or statistic of the long history of BAT squad (we are nearing our 10th year anniversary, mind you) but some individual achievement and several interesting statistic findings merit to be mentioned here:

1) Ayie scored a hattrick by scoring from a middle of the field after a kick-off, through a free kick and a penalty, which  is merely to cement his reputation as a dead ball specialist.
2) Even though we were beaten 1-5 in the first half, we actually won the second half by the score of 2-1.
3) The last time we lost was on the 14th November 2010, more than two months ago. Since the last league loss to ASPUTRA at that time, we won 6 times and drew once.
4) This is our 29th match since the start of 2010 pre-season training back in February 2010 and we never fail to score at least a goal in every match. Our total clean sheets? 5 times.
5) In the last 3 friendly matches, we scored 3 goals in every match.
6) League (2 wins, 3 draws, 2 losses), Cup (3 wins, 1 loss), Friendly (10 wins, 3 draws, 5 losses)
7) Biggest win: 7-0 (Friendly, 3rd October)
8) Biggest loss: 3-6, 2-5, 2-5, 1-4 in various league and friendly matches. But the margin is never more than 3 goals.
9) Total goals scored: 79 (average 2.7 goals per match).
10) Total goals conceded: 53 (average 1.8 goals per match)

Squad: Zulfadhly (GK) Madun (CD), Izam (CD), Anuar (LB), Kalai (RB), Ayie (AM), Kamarul (AM), Shidi (DM), Kerambit (LW), Epul (RW), Azhar (S)
Subs: Izhar (CD), Abe (Unused)

p/s We are taking a one week break, hopefully the players will get the much needed rest and will be ready for our incoming 2011 pre season friendly matches.

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