Saturday, January 15, 2011

ANSARA Taiping 3 : 2 Taman Sepakat Indah FC

It was the best game of my life and I didn't take a single photo of it. The evening started quite disastrously when I found out that only 9 of our players are able to make it to the pitch, including me. I counted more than 17 players in the opponent team. Some of our players who opted out at the last minutes have valid reasons like father admitted to ward, wife has just being discharged from hospital and so on. But some kept their silence on their absenteeism. And then I found out that we forgot to bring our socks. When we put on our blue jerseys, we found out that our opponent team are also wearing the blue jerseys. And we didn't bring our black ones.

So we started the match with 9 players, wearing blue jerseys and newly bought socks courtesy from Jose. The opponent were gracious enough to field 9 players also and they decided not to wear their blue jerseys. I became the sole striker and had a goal disallowed due to offside position. The first half ended 0-0. 

Before the start of the second half, we invited two of the opponent's players to play with us. So the second half started normally with 11 players on both sides. And then something funny happened. I received a pass from the centre of the field and even though I was about 30 yards away I decided to just kick the ball towards the goal. The ball bounced weakly towards their goalkeeper and one of my players started to scold me for being wasteful but suddenly their keeper fumbled when he tried to grab the ball and it just rolled real slowly inside the goal. We got a lead and I scored the first goal! Afterwards Jose scored another goal for us and we were 2 goals ahead. The opponent strike back and had their first goal and we ended the second half leading 2-1.

The third half started brightly for the opponent when they equalised the score with another goal. I missed two glorious chances in front of the goal but I make amend later when Jose laid out a perfect pass to me and this time I just lashed it out as hard as I can and it went to the bottom left of the goal. The referee blew the final whistle afterwards and I think this is the first time I scored two goals in a match. It could be five but I'm not greedy.

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