Friday, October 26, 2007

Manchester Trip

Only manager wears black....

We are the champions!

Today my family and I went to Manchester to send my wife's younger sister, Julie back home. She was with us for a one week holiday together with her mom. Her mom will be staying with us for another two weeks. On the way to the airport we stopped by Old Trafford Stadium. I took the opportunity to wander inside the Mega Store (didn't realise that they are only selling the black shirt for one year only, lucky me). There are many tempting merchandise but I didn't purchase anything. I want to wait for my final year here in the UK. That way I will have something really latest to bring back home. So I let my wife do the shopping instead and she got us the whole family same t-shirts, with an exception for Sarah as there is no size for her. But it is still a lovely pink shirt for her, as of course, anything is lovely with Manchester United logo on it!

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