Thursday, October 11, 2007

Lancaster Morecambe Badminton League - League Match Three

Tonight we play against one of the strongest team in Division Two, Hest Bank B. They were actually got promoted last season due to becoming runners-up. However, their team A got relegated from Division One and the rules say that you cannot have a second team in a higher division than your first team. So team B remains in the Division Two, happy to beat other teams all over again. And that is what they did to us tonight.

Last season they beaten us 13-5. This time it's getting slightly worse, we lost 4-14. I drew both my men doubles (with Paul 15-9, 4-15 and with Tim 15-12, 10-15) which is quite an improvement since last season I lost all sets. But I'm not so lucky with Brenda, we lost 10-15, 7-15, compared to last season when we split.

I am not looking forward to play again with them at their home ground sometime in January. We lost 2-16 last season, our worst performance.


Anonymous said...

alaaa....bukan apa...distraction awek yang pakai seluar kecik and baju kecik tuh...semua org dok tengok seluar kecik and baju kecik dia jer...lost concentration .....pastu semua org kalah...hahahahahaha !!!!

Ahmed Razman said...

hmm.... ada awek pakai seluar kecik dan baju kecik ke malam tu? hehehehe....